Wedding Videographers


We are Wedding Videographers. Ray and Sarah McShane. We have been covering weddings worldwide since 2012.

Winning three Wedding Industry Awards consecutively with our final entry winning the national UK Best Wedding Videographer.

We have spent 20 years together. Traveling the world when we can and raising our two teenage sons. For us family is what really matters.

Wedding Videography should tell an honest story of you as a couple, a short film on your wedding day that shows who you are as a couple. To craft something that really resonates is so important to us.

We mean honest, in the sense of nothing is contrived or forced. Nothing is Set up, nothing is staged. What we capture will be more potent if it is in the moment. No feeling of expectation or awkwardness, so you can just realx and enjoy the experience.  We get to witness some incredible moments and what we observe is always powerful enough to just let things happen for themselves.

For us it isn’t things or places that stand out, it’s people…in particular the two of you.

Say Hello and tell us more about what you have planned. We’ll put together a collection of option based on the information you provide.