It was a wild,  wet and windy morning when we arrived at the house to Shoot Vickys’ Preparation.  A big Christmas Tree filled the corner of the living room where Vickys’ family and friends prepared for the Ceremony. Vicky prepared upstair while her family that had travelled from Germany made food and kept the children. It’s never easy shooting a Wedding Video with grey weather, but Vicky {+} Phil are lovely people and their personalities really shone through the grey weather.

The church service was beautiful, and afterwards the wedding party braved the flooded by-roads to the venue – Orchardleigh House. As you’ll see, Phil & Vicky arrived in style in a fairly slick ride! It was great again for us to shoot a couple that really wanted to make the effort for their Wedding Video. Vicky {+} Phil braved the cold for their photo session giving us some lovely couple shots for their Wedding video.

It’s always nice to hear about a couples past and Phils’ Speech

This was a lovely laid back Wedding, Phils’ Speech included a compelling little story on how they came to be married.