Destination Wedding Video _ Chateau Jemmpe Belgium

Marie & Eikes’ Destination Wedding Video _ Chateau Jemmpe in the Ardennes was a very majestic setting.  Marie is Belgian and Eike is from Germany. They met and live in London with their French Bulldog “Archie”.  The venue Chateau Jemmpe is furnished in luxury and surrounded by the forest. The cultural mix of Belgian and German traditions was lovely to see. I love in this modern age how cities like London bring so many diverse people and cultures together.


Eike Loves football, a morning match took place in the Chateau Grounds between friends.  The whole weekend was very football focused with both Germany and Belgium playing important games in Euro 2016.  For me it was so surreal to witness both sets of fans go through what I do with England in every major tournament!  After Maries’ Belgium had dropped out against Wales the night before the wedding, thankfully for Eike his beloved Germany won on penalties on the Wedding day!