London Luxury Wedding Films Services



Our services are priced according to each Event, as every wedding is very different in location,  logistics and the time required.
Logistics do effect the amount we shoot, that in turn effects the amount of camera operatives we advise and film format we deliver.

Traditional Long Form Film (Montage)

This full film is usually 60 minutes in length (depending on your ceremony and speeches length, Religious ceremonies will run longer). A fusion of your full ceremony, speeches and first dance chronologically interspersed with montage to your choice of music and all the other candid/reportage footage on of the day.

Traditional Long Form Film with 2-3 minute Highlights montage Film to music of your choice

Modern Short Form Films (with voiceover/cuts to/from the ceremony/Speeches)

These Films are shorter with Voice over from the speeches and ceremony integrated with moments of the day
Seprate Ceremony and Speeches Edits are provided via a menu system to view (in addition to the the creatively edited film)…

Highlights (5 minute Creative Edit)
Short Film (10 minute Creative Edit)
Signature Film (15 minute Creative Edit)
Feature Film (25 minute Creative Film)

London Luxury Wedding Videographer

Services and FAQs


What equipment do you use? – Our equipment is vast, but very carefully selected for each shoot.  An array of Sony Cameras, a good amount of high end lenses as well as compact lighting.  Support equipment is lightweight and small.  Our area of expertise is Destination Weddings so we travel light in order to move quickly and remain unobtrusive, we only use lighting during the winter months if the formalities are in very low light.

How long will the Film be? – We receive many enquires that request long film lengths.  We are short form film makers.  The way we shoot is more time consuming than traditional videographers that might offer longer films focused on coverage.  We are focused on making a story about you (as a couple) that the viewer can relate to, not shooting to capture as much as possible.  The films length is always relative to the content we capture, not a desired running time.  A Hollywood movie is shot over 1-2 years to create a 2 hour film. Well we have a day, this means a well paced relative finished piece can be anything from 5 to 25 minutes depending on requested commission type.  Great content such as narration in the form of speeches & readings, can support longer running times.  We can often suggest longer edits during post production if we feel we have the amount of content required.

How many camera operators do I need?– Solo Videographer is usually enough to cover a wedding day.  We have invested in equipment to allow us to cover the formalities with up to three cameras and one operator/DP.  If your wedding is taking place in a large area with 200+ people or if you require important moments to be captured in separate locations it might be worth asking us about a second shooter or if your event hosts 500+ Guests, a Team might be required to cover such an event.

Who will be shooting and editing our film? – Ray or Sarah lead all shoots.  Often we can and do use hand picked freelance camera operators to assist us with large events or on request of a 2nd camera.

What if something should fail? – We have multiple camera bodies, a multitude of lenses, many substitute Memory Cards.  Everything we capture is backed up three times (one online/off site) at the earliest possible opportunity.

What do you wear? – Our dress code is discreet/smart, because of the physical demands of shooting a wedding it sometimes isn’t practical to wear a suit or formal dress – although we certainly would if required or requested.

How do we receive the finished work? – The finished pieces are provided on a private URL with menu system and unlimited downloads. We can provide Branded USBs, DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs at additional cost on request.

When do we receive the finished work? Films take around 120 days in production. Rushing these precious memories is never done.  So we take our time and give it what it needs to be special.  In mid season if a film goes overdue… we’d prefer this rather than produce anything unfinished or substandard, we know you’ll be aching to see the day again.  But it must be right.

How do we go about booking you? – A booking is confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable initial payment of £500 or 50% of the Balance inside 6 months of the wedding date, with 100% of the balance inside 30 days (we are rarely available inside this timescale). Sadly we cannot hold dates for you without an initial payment and signing a booking form.

How do we pay? – Bank Transfer is the preferred method of payment, if this isn’t suitable we can offer debit or credit card payments  through Paypal, (Paypal does incur bank/services charges, please contact us for more details).  After the initial payment of £500, or 50% of the balance (due at 6 months in advance) the final balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding.