Destination Wedding Videography Investment

Wedding Video Pricing

Wedding Video Pricing can’t be a se price. There are different requirements for each wedding in both coverage and Post Production. We cater for Couples focused on a beautifully crafted Film.  We try  to avoid the presence of a team dedicated to coverage, our approach is to be discreet and capture thing naturally with no direction and without breaking the 4th wall. To have the couple acknowledge or react to the camera in directed way.

There are no package prices as cost varies as much as the events we cover.  Simply tell us as much as you can about yourselves and your plans and we’ll know what we need to shoot . We can then produce a quotation for you.

From large private events to intimate elopements we have the experience, expertise and compact equipment to be unobtrusive and blend into any event without drawing any attention to ourselves.

We try to work with like minded couples, only accepting commissions we feel we are a good match for.  If you feel we are right for you, please contact us to discuss your ideas, we love hearing about you as a couple just as much as your wedding planning.

So fill in our enquiry form with as much detail about you and your plans as possible. We’ll get back to you with availability and a quotation.

We have few dates remaining for Summer 2018