Wedding Videos

Wedding videos have evolved in the past 5 years since the introduction of HDSLRs. These cameras are the same small bodies used by wedding photographers. We as film makers have fine tuned techniques to make these cameras capture a beautiful image which duplicates the filmic look used to produce hollywood productions. Along with high quality audio captured off camera, we are able to create a beautiful image with great sounding audio.

We try to make every film as individual as each Bride {+} Groom.  We believe a wedding film is a personal story of the couple and the wedding is just the setting, and if we ask the right questions and get know a little about the couples we shoot, we apply this knowledge and they find their film can exceed their expectations. We meet or Skype/Facetime our clients several times to advise and generally chat about how their plans are progressing. This goes toward an unobtrusive presence on the wedding day and a well informed post production process, resulting in a natural visual story of the day.

We are so pleased to win the  “National – Best Videographer 2016” in  The Wedding Industry Awards , thank you to our amazing couples for voting for us. We haven’t re-entered since and have focused on educating and teaching other wedding videographers in the industry.