Destination Wedding Film _ Toulouse France

After a proposal at a Who Concert in Florida, Jeanne & Lawrence begin plan this amazing wedding in their very unique way.

I can say that this is the most personal wedding I’ve ever seen. From the venue being Jeanne’s family home to the ceremony led by friends.

Jeanne’s family home lies in the shadow of a plateau beneath the beautiful town of Loze, the house is surrounded by an idealic Moulin. Lawrence stayed in a nearby town with his large Grooms entourage before setting off to the Moulin were their wedding blessing led by their friend Levi. The weather was pretty diverse from 30c to thunder and rain storms-luckily the sun stayed out for the ceremonies and champagne reception.

The wedding was so laid back and relaxed, mainly thanks to wedding planner Fabienne.

Jeanne studied in the US and London so this was a very international wedding with guests from all over the world.

After the ceremony they set of with a marching band for another short ceremony by the Mayor and to register the marriage at the Loze Marie.

Here’s their extended highlights…


  1. Rosie Davies

    Awesome video. I cried all over again. Thank you.

  2. Emmanuelle Kay

    Magnifique! Absolument Magnifique!!! Et quel émotion de réentendre le plus beau discours de demoiselle d'honneur du siècle!!!!

  3. Kathryn Leahey

    Merci beaucoup, Manue!

  4. David Ibbotson

    Two people clearly made for each other. When two become one they not only take on the best qualities of the individual but they become far more than simply 1 + 1 = 2. In your case it would be difficult to quantify what you are together. A wonderful partnership.

  5. Joaquín Cáceres O'Ryan

    Que fantásticos momentos! I'll never never never forget these, your days, our joy also, together… thanks so much Jeanne Kay and Lawrence Richards

  6. Marina Connor

    So delighted to hear the band and the toasts and to see the preparations, Ginger, the dancing, and of course the moment when Lawrence saw you in the dress… Brilliant video and way to remember the day, and the feeling. Sending so much love to you both, can’t wait to share the video w/ your nieces and Ian! Xoxoxoxo

  7. Laura Taylor


  8. Laura Taylor


  9. Bruce Buckland

    Beautiful video man – looks like a brilliant day! We may have our political differences but none the less I wish you and Jeanne a lifetime of happiness together! 🙂

  10. Jennifer Berman

    Sigh…. Was a fantastic event in every way. An extraordinary collection of humans, beautifully captured on this video.

  11. Yutaka Oi

    So impressive and delightful!
    All of us really enjoyed your wedding, Jeanne and Lawrence!

  12. Karen Richards

    I can barely type this post as my eyes are again filled with tears of joy – I laughed and cried in equal measure on this amazing day. Proud to be Laurie's Mum and so happy that I now have two of the best girls in the world, Jeanne Kay and Emily Richards married to my lucky boys, Lawrence Richards and Tom Richards. This magical reminder of a truly happy day is something to treasure and I thank you both for sharing it so splendidly with us all. With love x

  13. Jill Becker

    Just beautiful!!! Wonderful footage edited so perfectly!


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