UK Videographer Of The Year 2016 // The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA)

Winning an award is so surreal. I woke up in my hotel room near Leicester Square last Friday morning with a hazy memory of the night before (due to a few drinks), I jumped up and looked around the room for the Award, to confirm “THAT” just happened. I didn’t dream it, there it was!

We started 2015 with a clear goal, to shoot with our own unique perspective, to try and avoid capturing absolutely everything and just providing coverage like traditional videography. We wanted to focus on anticipating the moments that matter.  We wanted to produce our view of the events, watch for the important things that build toward a story and what the joining of those particular two lives looks like.

I’m so happy with what we achieved, how we’ve evolved from our first year back in 2012 and the stories we’ve since told. Last Thursday evening in London’s West End, we were awarded The Wedding Industry Awards 2016 National Videographer of the Year . The votes of the couples we worked with and judges who in their own right are masters of what we do, played their part in us reaching such a milestone. The criteria of how it was all decided made it all the more meaningful to us.

The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) is without doubt the most recognised Wedding Award Body in the UK.  We entered our first TWIA Awards in 2014. It’s great to see an award body for an industry that is so full of creatives. We remember the feeling of winning the 2014 SouthWest Videographer of the year within our second year of Business,  giving us the confidence to build on and going on to win the Regional Award for three successive years. It was so great to take the National Winner Award this year.

I love working with my wife Sarah (not sure she feels the same way sometimes!). I’ve tormented her with cinema for years, even before we started to shoot. Our first date when we were just 15 years old was to “The Pictures” and we spent hours (possibly days) of our early years together in Blockbuster Video choosing a VHS (later DVDs). Sarah was incredibly patient with me then and still is now. Although when I paused the film to explain what the cinematographer was trying to convey I got a cushion flung at my head! But I’m sure she listened and learned these things with me, as she has become an incredible talent behind the Camera.

We are lucky enough to receive lots of enquiries, some couples even as keen as to fly us to beautiful places to shoot them.  These past two years we’ve had some great adventures all over the UK, shooting Destination Wedding Videos in mainland Europe and as far as Mexico. We’ve witnessed so many amazing moments and shot sunsets over some beautiful vistas.  Coming home to relive it all and craft those moments into a natural story.

Wedding Videography  is constantly changing, and in my experience couples are now more aware of the rewards this craft has to offer. We opened our studio just after the DSLR film revolution, as soon as I saw the images that could be created with the new technology… I was hooked.

This year Sarah is joining me full time in the studio, she has become our lead camera on the shoots in 2015 and I’m looking forward to seeing her develop as an editor.

We’ve always been excited about what we do and are grateful for the artistic freedom our clients allow us.

Here’s some images from The Wedding Industry Awards, as with all parties…the latter part of the evening is vague!

Wishing you all a happy and rewarding 2016.

Ray & Sarah