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A Villa Catureglio Wedding video. In the Mountains of Tuscany lies the Villa Catureglio wedding venue a beautiful Medieval Villa hidden in the trees. A perfect place to shoot a Tuscany Wedding video! Madeline & Daniel Celebrated their wedding weekend here and flew me out to capture the biggest weekend of their lives.

At the pre-wedding dinner family and friends where greeted by Maddi & Dan. A beautiful scene it was in the Barn courtyard. Fairy Lights lit the cobbles and stones where a long table full of Pizza, Beers and Wine ran the length of the space.

I know a Wedding Film was so important to Maddi and Dan. They had booked me well in advance and we spoke several times in the run up to the wedding. I knew we where a great fit.

Solo shooting is tough. So with everything happening in one place,  I could really focus on the build up to the ceremony. Halving the time with both Bride and Groom really make s difference. It shows just what the couple go through emotionally in the hours leading up to the ceremony.

There are many touching moments I witnessed that day. It’s important to for me to show things as I saw it, my own version of events. Maddi and Dan trusted me. As a wedding videographer it is humbling to know your view and creative ideas are valued so much.

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