Searcys Gherkin Wedding Video

I feel this video really captures the love and celebration of Reda and Sean's special day. The couple began their day with breakfast and pampering at The Ned, before heading to The Gherkin holding hands to make an entrance welcomed by family and friends.

The Champagne Reception was filled with color and style, as guests moved from the 40th to 41st floor to be greeted with a panoramic view of London.

The video showcases the couple's unique entrance, armed with custom-made fans as they took their seats surrounded by applause.

The speeches were filled with laughs and tears, as the numerous DJs and eventual belly dancer kept the dance floor extremely busy.

The wedding video also tells the story of Reda and Sean's journey together, from the drunken kiss that started their relationship in a Dubai nightclub, to overcoming serious illness and prejudice to finally have the gay wedding they always dreamed of at the top of The Gherkin in London. The London Gay Pride Wedding Video is a beautiful reminder of the love and celebration of the couple's special day.