Elmore Court Wedding Videographer - Eliza & Charlie

A Jewish Elmore Court Wedding. A Destination Wedding video in the Cotswolds.

Eliza and Charlie form New York had exclusive use of one of our favourite Wedding Venues Elmore Court.. So this is a Destination Wedding (for them... not for us!). Also it was so good to be booked alongside our friend Adam Johnson.

A Jewish Wedding videographer at Elmore Court

Every wedding has an air of excitement during the preparations, I can always see it in the bridal/grooms party. Although Eliza was so sick the morning of the wedding, so much so, that she had lost her voice. Although it didn't seem to worry her, she was radiant and composed, just excited to walk down the aisle to Charlie.

The wedding film opens with Elizas' voice emotionally reading her vows. These vows where incredibly potent as Eliza and Charlie had spent a lot of time apart due to career commitments. They had been through some tough times.

Eliza and Charlie had a friend officiate the ceremony and vows exchange for them. The Ceremony was filled with crying and laughing (even the processional).

A champagne reception in the grounds where followed by the wedding breakfast in Elmore Courts beautiful Reception room the Gillyflower. The building is flooded with light in the daytime and the adjoining room is perfect for parties with a custom lit stage and dance floor. If you are looking for a Cinematic Wedding Film Maker you can contact us for a consultation.